Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne from One Direction took time out from their hectic US tour, and headed over to EA Sports studios in Vancouver to check out the latest edition of FIFA 14. It was an opportunity not to be missed as both Man United fan Tomlinson and West Bromwich supporter Payne are avid gamers and huge FIFA fans - x

we were the kids who screamed "we weren't the same"


I think the violin is the root of almost everything I do, because there is an attention to detail and a precision, and it’s such a small margin of error. It’s an unbelievable training ground for so many disciplines. Again, it’s given me a particular penchant for harmonics and pitch and execution - and the dynamics of that sound - which goes back to my love of languages and my love of acting. In any scene work, talking is a musical function. A lot of actors, especially comedians, tend to be pretty well versed musicians. They understand cadence and phrasing. I think Bill Clinton would be a great example; he’s not a world-renowned sax player but he’s got a great sense jazz and timing. The bravado when he speaks comes from this sense of knowing how to land things. 

All my worst nightmares at once.